St John The Evangelist Mahopac

St John The Evangelist Mahopac

Saturday, December 22

Christmas Weekday Schedule

Wednesday, December 26               9:00 AM Mass
St. Stephen, the First Martyr          Noon Mass

Thursday, December 27                    9:00 AM Mass
St. John the Evangelist                    Noon Mass
7:00 PM  Holy Hour – OLQA

Friday, December 28                        9:00 AM Mass
Feast of the Holy Innocents            Noon Mass
7:00 PM Sandy Hook Memorial Mass

Monday, December 31st                   7:30 AM Mass
New Year’s Eve                                9:00 AM Mass
Noon Mass
5:30 PM Vigil – Church
7:00 PM Mass

Tuesday, January 1st                          7:30 AM Mass
Holy Day of Obligation                    9:00 AM Mass
Solemnity of Mary                            Noon Mass

Parish House Christmas Week Hours

   Wednesday, December 26th              9:00 AM – 4 PM
   Thursday, December 27th                  9:00 AM – 1 PM
   Friday, December 28th                       9:00 AM – 1 PM
   Saturday, December 29th                   10 AM – 1 PM
   Sunday, December 30th                     Closed
   Monday, December 31st                    Closed
   Tuesday, January 1st                          Closed
   Wednesday, January 2nd                    9:00 AM – 4 PM

        Faith Formation Classes Resume
Wednesday, January 2, 2013